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Mid-America Boating: the premier resource for North Coast boaters.

Feature Articles Editorial coverage on what's new in boating.
In addition to being a great source to boats, accessories and services offered by regional businesses, every issue of Mid-America Boating presents editorial coverage on a wide array of topics of interest to North Coast region recreational boaters. You can keep up with area news and events, get reviews about fishing tips and techniques, marine electronics advice, or boat repair and maintenance topics. You'll also find coverage on legislative issues that effect boaters, awareness of ongoing boater safety, profiles of area boating personalities, visit ports of call, and more. Plus, our January and October issues are packed with information and include the official guides to the huge Cleveland Mid-America Boat Show and the big North American In-Water Sail & Power Show at Cedar Point! Pick us up at your area marine retailer or become a subscriber and get every in-depth issue delivered to your door. Here's just a sample of some of the topics you'll find in each issue...

Boating Safety Issues Underway With U.S.P.S.

Leroy Wenger, veteran member of the United States Power Squadron, writes a monthly column dealing with safe boating practices every operator of a watercraft should know. The " Rules of the Road" must be heeded on water as well as on the roadways. Leroy often sprinkles his column with a touch of humor.
Angler's Angles

Whether your interest is in catching walleye in the the western basin of Lake Erie, or fishing upstream on a southern Ohio river, Anthony Pollack's tips will help the experienced angler as well as the novice fisherman.
Fishing tips and tricks.
Boat travel destinations. Ports O' Call

So boating has got you bored? Fishing and cruising the same waters week after week? Check out some of the unique cruising and fishing spots this area has to offer. Every issue Richard Martin will take you to some of the best kept secret boating destinations in Mid-America.

Marine Electronics Review

As all boaters know, marine electronics are not just a convenient way to navigate and communicate while on the water, but at times a real life saver. Larry George, a respected marine electronics expert will educate you about the products and services available on the market today.

The Chamber's File

Virgil Chambers is the executive director of the National Safe Boating Council. His column reviews local laws, safe boating techniques, tips to new watercraft operators and more. His advice and safe boating suggestions are invaluable as well as lifesaving. Enjoy your time on the water, safely. Open the Chamber's file each month in Mid-America Boating.
Safe boating practices.
News from the Inter-Lake Yachting Association. FYI from the I-LYA

Over 130 Yachting clubs make up the Inter-Lake Yachting Association. Mid-America Boating is the official news source for the I-LYA. From Bay Week race results to local club activities, Mid-America covers it all.

Boat Smart

Captain Fred Davis has logged over forty years on the Great Lakes, inland and ocean waters. He has owned, restored and cruised aboard vessels from a 13 foot Boston Whaler to a 35 foot steel-hulled party boat His column covers it all when it comes to recreational boating. You're guaranteed to learn something new in each column.

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