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Angler’s Angles

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      By Richard Martin
                                                   Fish and explore
     AUGUST 2021     [     MID-AMERICA BOATING
      I've been fishing around Ohio for a good
      many years, and have enjoyed our state’s
      offerings from farm ponds to lazy rivers,
      but there's just no question that the               Lake Erie’s Bass Islands archipelago
      peak of good fishing lies in the fertile
      waters of Lake Erie – and maybe the best
      of the best can be found in the Big Lake's
      Bass Islands.

                                                                                          It doesn't really matter whether you're seeking walleye or perch, smallmouths or
                                                                                               channel cats, panfish or white bass, the islands will produce and give anglers
                                                                                                  not only good fishing but a nice vacation and plenty of nightlife, too. I've
                                                                                                   not only enjoyed innumerable trips to the islands, I also spent three full
                                                                                                    summers studying for a Masters Degree in Zoology at the Ohio State
                                                                                                     University's Gibralter Island field station at South Bass Island's,
                                                                                                     Stone Lab. And I fished almost every moment when I wasn't studying.
                                                                                                       There are several ways to reach the islands. One is to motor over
                                                                                                     in your own boat from the mainland. Another is to trailer a boat over,
                                                                                                     driving up SR 53 to the tip of Catawba Island and boarding a Miller
                                                                                                    Ferry there. Or just go over on a ferry and fish from shore or rent a boat.
                                                                                                  Put-in-Bay has some good choices for small boats. You might fish right
                                                                                                in the harbor, avoiding the docks in the downtown area which can be busy,
                                                                                           and concentrating on places like territory around Perry's Monument, a rocky
                                                                                        shoreline that draws smallmouth bass early and late in the day.
                                                                                          Peach Point off the old Coast Guard dock can be good for bronzebacks, too, as is a
                                                                                        little reef stretching out to water off the west side of Gibralter Island in the harbor.
                                                                                        You'll pick up an occasional walleye along that reef and some perch and smallmouths.
                                                                                        The northeast side of Gibralter island is a fair spot for perch as is a nice little perch
                                                                                        hole just off the northern tip there. And rocky shorelines all along the north side will

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