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produce bass early and late, or in deeper water for most of the day.
        Shore fishermen can fish off the Fish Hatchery dock for channel cats in the evening, though
      weeds demand that you fish with a bobber rather than on the bottom. And often enough,
      schools of white bass come into the harbor to feed in the evening usually coming from west to                                                         11
      east. Don't forget the fishing dock on the south end of South Bass at the state park there.
      Shrimp work well here as do larger minnows, but avoid nightcrawlers because there are lots of
      round gobies there that will strip your hook. You'll find good fishing on the dock most nights
      for channel cats. During the day I've more than once soaked nightcrawlers on the bottom there
      and caught some whopper sheepshead. They're slow, deliberate fighters, and almost impossi-
      ble to stop on initial runs.
        Middle and North Bass offer their own brand of fishing, mostly shoreline casting from a boat                                                        [     MID-AMERICA BOATING
      for bass. But I do remember one trip when a friend and I hit the north side of North Bass, mov-
      ing in close and drifting out to deeper water since the wind was right that day. We caught very
      little in 6-10 feet bumping bottom with nightcrawlers. Then we hit a band that turned up a few
      walleye, perch, bass and channel cats. We filled our limit drifting over that section again and
      again, something to think about this summer.

                                                                                   Kelleys Island has some good fishing, too. The best of it is along the east side or on the fish-
                                                                                  ing pier at the state park there. You can reach Kelleys by ferry from downtown Marblehead or  ]     AUGUST 2021
                                                                                  on your own craft. It's a good smallmouth spot for anglers tossing jig and minnow combina-
                                                                                  tions or tube jigs. I have some good memories of fishing with my son at Kelleys Island State
                                                                                  Park there. We often camped in a shoreline campsite, fished the shoreline there for small-
                                                                                  mouths, then in late evening cast for white bass in front of the campsite, ending up catching
                                                                                  channel cats on crawlers for a late night fish fry. On other days we explored old stone quarries
                                                                                  or went into town to enjoy the village nightlife. Good memories, those.
                                                                                   Between fishing trips visitors here will find plenty to do, especially on South Bass. Delaware
                                                                                  Street in downtown Put-in-Bay has lively watering spots like Frosty's Bar and the Roundhouse,
                                                                                  and there are some good restaurants and shopping stores. Kids will enjoy the Butterfly House,
                                                                                  tours through the Crystal Cave, and everyone will like a stop at Heineman's Winery for wine or
                                                                                  grape juice and a cheese plate. You can take an island tour on a trolly car, nibble on fresh fudge,
                                                                                  shop in trendy boutiques, or just relax along the waterfront watching boats come and go, and
                                                                                  happy boaters coming ashore for fun and maybe dinner.
                                                                                    There are plenty of accommodations on South Bass and a modest number on Kelleys Island.
                                                                                  For detailed information on anything at all, call Lake Erie Shores and Islands at 800-441-1271.
                                                                                  And for ferry schedules, try or call 1-800-500-2421. For more information, call
                                                                                  Put-on-Bay Chamber of Commerce at 419-285-2832. I think you'll like the fishing and you'll def-
                                                                                  initely like the visit. MAB
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