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Completely                                                          A barometer of the times,

     ]     16                                                                     Social Distancing takes the No. 2 spot
                                                                                  in Top 10 Boat Names for 2021
                )    % !$"  #  3 120    "   #    3    %    !!  3    #. !&
           &  !&$ ,   $% &#  %      !&    3        #             # 3   #        %*
     AUGUST 2021     [     MID-AMERICA BOATING
          ( %    $  !  $ 3   %      &# %* 3   !( #$ /  # $$     !! $ 3   &  #*     It’s been a tumultuous year for Americans, and getting away from it all on a recreational boat
               %  $ 3      /  !( #  ! %  ) &#$ ! $ 3             3  !&%   #! #  $ 3   has given many the respite they’ve needed. With lives upended, some recreational boat own-
                      #     '   !  #   % !  %        3    $    * #!&              ers have chosen to reflect on the times when selecting a name for their boat. “Social
                    #  %    ($ !     '        *            &% $  ( *              Distancing” rocketed to the No. 2 spot on the BoatUS Top 10 Boat Names list for 2021. The
                                                                                  choice of boat names, which were requested from the BoatUS online Boat Graphics service,
                            #!     '     -$  !  %$ !    % # $%+
                                                                                  may also tell you a little about the owner.
            *+$$                                      ((%$&
                                                                                  Here’s this year’s Top 10 Boat Names list:
                          !                          &%*#)+$#'++*
                                                                                   Andiamo: There’s no mistaking this meaning of this Italian word for “let’s go.” While this
                                           "      "                               name has made the list in the past, never before have so many boaters wanted to go and get
                                                                                  away from it all, making this the No. 1 boat name for 2021.
                                                                                   Social Distancing: An affirmation of the times, physically separating by escaping to the
                                                                                  water gives this boat owner the space they need to recover and rejuvenate during a crazy year
                                  An Innovative and Patented product              of change.
                                                                                   Grace: Elegance, a refinement of movement. This owner may have chosen a vessel with the
                                  Customized for your Boat and Dock
                                                                                  classic lines – a bit of tumblehome, a raked stern and overhanging bow. There may even be
                                                                                  Grey Poupon aboard.
                                                                                   Shenanigans: Moving up the list from No. 7 last year, this boat owner is definitely up to
                                                                                  something. For other boaters who may share a dock with this vessel’s owner, playful pranks are
                                                                                  always part of the summer boating season. Better make sure your binoculars don’t have a layer
                                                                                  of black charcoal smudged on the eyepieces before you use them.
                                                                                   Cool Change: Also moving up three spots from the previous list, time for a “cool change” can
         Nauti-GLIDE… Self-Adjusts with your Boat to varying Water Levels; Secure and Stable for Safe   be the escape this boat’s owner is looking for. The literal meaning, which describes the change
         and Easy Boarding; Easy and Quick way to tie off your boat; Prevents Damage to your Boat and   from a hot summer day to a cool afternoon breeze and thunderstorms ahead, comes from
         Dock; Sleek and Stylish design; and most of all Piece of Mind.           Australia and sparked a pop song.
         No line adjustments required, tie off and forget about it.                Island Time: Falling from the No. 2 spot last year, everything is more laid back aboard this
         Non-marring fender helps keep your fi berglass shining. No extra fenders needed.  vessel. Let down your hair, relax – you will get there when you get there. Literally and figura-
         No dock cleats needed. Keeps your dock clean, sleek, stylish, allowing focus to be where it   tively, this owner is on Island Time.
         should be, on your Boat.                                                  Knot on Call: Moving up two spots, this is a name often chosen by medical professionals. It
                    Contact us today to order your Nauti-GLIDE Mooring System     also likely appeals to a wider group of boat owners where technology has made them always    Call: 440.822.3723     e-mail:  available to the office.
            Made in the USA     Mfg. by KJM Applied Concepts, LLC     Avon Lake, Ohio 44012  Mojo: Got yours back yet? Boating regains this owner’s energy and enthusiasm.
                                                                                   Freedom: Ever since appearing on the Top 10 Boat Names list for the first time after 9/11,
                                                                                  this perennial favorite explains everything that boating gives this boat owner. Let it all go – no
                                                                                  one is stopping you.
                                                                                   Serenity: An all-time favorite that was No. 1 last year, this name may indicate the
                                                                                  owner’s need to find time away from a high-stress job … or family! It’s often a name found
                                                                                  on sailing vessels.
                                                                                   For a look at all of the BoatUS Top 10 Boat Names lists over the years, go to
                                                                         The BoatUS Graphics service offers an
                                                                                  online design tool that allows you to easily create custom boat graphics with fast turnaround
                                                                                  times. BoatUS also offers simple step-by-step video instructions on how to install your new
                                                                                  graphics yourself. MAB
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