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Angler’s Angles

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                                                                 Tactics for                             By Richard Martin

                                                                                                         Take a survey of the favorite fi sh sought by Buckeye anglers, and
                                                    serious crappie                                      you’ll fi nd a close run competition between Lake Erie walleye
                                                                                                         and perch and inland largemouth bass and bluegill. Crappie
                                                                                                         won’t rank high, but their ranking is deceptive because when
                                                                          fi shing                       the dog days of summer roll around, thousands and thousands
                                                                                                         of anglers stop their casting for serious game fi sh, and turn to
                                                                                                         this little silver-sided panster. And that includes people who
                                                                                                         rarely fi sh. One lady I met in a supermarket said “Our whole
                                                                                                         family goes for crappie at least a few times in August and
                                                                                                         September. We like to fi sh for them, and eat them. Even my
                                                                                                         six-year old loves to fi sh crappie.”
                                                                                                           Why does this fl at-sided little fi sh have such popularity?
                                                                                                         That’s hard to say. Maybe it’s that they’re an unusually pictur-
                                                                                                             esque fi sh, black and silver with sleek lines, or that it takes
                                                                                                                 so little to catch them, usually a fl oat, splitshot, No.
                                                                                                                  6 hook, and a minnow. Or that they’re so slow and
                                                                                                                   deliberate, bouncing the fl oat a time or two, then
                                                                                                                    quietly sinking it or moving off. Plenty of time to
                                                                                                                    get ready for a gentle strike. One thing has to be a
                                                                                                                    factor, that they’re delicious eating, so good that
                                                                                                                    arguments over which is best, crappie, bluegill,
                                                                                                                   yellow perch, or walleye can last for hours. It adds
                                                                                                                 up to lots of reasons to try this fi shing.
                                                                                                                 There are several ways to fi sh for crappie, and you can
                                                                                                         choose your favorite. One is to head out alone, with family or
                                                                                                         friends, fi nd a handy lakeshore with a brushpile or fallen log
                                                                                                         close to land, toss out minnows and wait. Chances are you’ll
                                                                                                         make a modest little haul quickly, then over the next hours pick
                                                                                                         up an occasional straggler than moves in from deeper water or
                                                                                                         elsewhere, and fi nally go home with a dozen or so for a modest
                                                                                                         dinner. That’s lazy, relaxing fi shing, good for removing worry

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