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Trail(er)ing Thoughts

                                                                           By Megan Meisler                         maintenance. We rely on fuel docks to make sure
      JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2022     [     MID-AMERICA BOATING     ]     4
                                                                           Co-Owner of Loadmaster Trailer Co. Ltd.   the fuel they put in our boat is safe and clean. We
                                                                                                                    rely  on  weather  forecasts to  make  sure  we  can
                        If you talk the talk,                              America thrives on the success of the small   safely be on the water, without reason for concern.
                                                                           businesses in our country. The big corporate
                                                                                                                    We rely on our boat dealers to sell us a safe and
                      then walk the walk                                   companies often set the tone for the market from   properly functioning boat. We rely on mechanics to
                                                                           a larger scale, but the small businesses owned
                                                                                                                    ensure our electronics are sound. There is a circle
                                                                           and operated by  local families are the  true
                                                                                                                       of friends within every marine community, that
                                                                           heart and backbone of our country. The           together make everything run smoothly.
                                                                           marine industry is no different. All                 We all have to stick together, and
                                                                           of us need to come together to                       help out where we are needed.
                                                                           support  our local  marinas,  boat                    Every sailor  needs a crew to
                                                                           dealers, boat and trailer manu-                        make sure the masts are safe
                                                                           facturers, lure makers, marine                         to sail and the lines are func-
                                                                           publications, fishing tourna-                          tioning properly. It is the fami-
                                                                           ment enthusiasts and more.                             ly-owned marinas and dealers
                                                                             The amount of people who                             that take care of us and treat us
                                                                           have taken to boating for the                          like their own family, that need
                                                                           first time has expanded greatly                       our support. The local advertis-
                                                                           over the last 16 months. People                      ing in our marine publications
                                                                           whom have never owned or thought                   help all of those involved pursue
                                                                           of owning a boat, have taken the leap            their passion. Your local bait shop
                                                                           of faith (fun) to purchase their first vessel.   relies on your steady business to stay open
                                                                           Boating brings people together: whether it’s for   and feed their families. The fishing charters rely
                                                                           fun and leisure or competition and racing; there   on your trips to keep the fishing industry going
                                                                           is something about being on the water that just   and lakes at proper population.
                                                                           makes people happy.                        Working together we all succeed. We all need
                                                                             A lot goes into making sure a boating experi-  to support one another, in a way to help every-
                                                                           ence is fun and stress-free. It’s a team effort from   one prosper. This winter, support your local small
                                                                           start to finish: is the boat safe for use, does it have   businesses. Buy your milk from your local dairy,
                                                                           fuel, is the oil clean, do we have the proper safety   buy your clothes from your local goods shops,
                                                                           equipment and gear on board, is the trailer safe   buy your gifts from the local businesses in your
                                                                           to tow the boat to and from the ramp, do we have   communities, donate to your local charities if
                                                                           the fishing gear we need, and for many the most   you’re able to, and spend time with your family
                                                                           important question, who brought the snacks?   and friends. Every sale makes a small business
                                                                           We rely on marinas to safely get our boats in and   owner giddy with pride, and that always make the
                                                                           out of the water and to do proper winterizing and   soul smile. MAB

                   Experience Remarkable!

                                                                                                            18’ to 50’ slips available
                                                                                                            • Open 7 days a week
                                                                                                            • Seasonal & Overnight Slips
                                                                                                            • Ethanol-free fuel & Diesel

                                                                                                            • Jet Ski / PWC Docks
                           We’re looking for good clean boats
                              to add to our sales inventory!                                                • Pump Out Service
                                 We Broker Results!                                                         • • WiFi & Cable TV
                                Call: Dave Selz                                                             • Security
                                419-625-6142                                                                • Ship Store
                                                                                                            • Swimming Pool

         Located on beautiful Sandusky Bay with easy access to Cedar Point, Lake Erie fun and fishing, and the Lake Erie Islands.

            701 Water Street • Sandusky, OH 44870 • • 419-625-6142
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