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Angler’s Angles

                                                                                  Have an ice day!

                                                                                  Drop your line into Lake Erie ice fishing

                                                                                  By Richard Martin                    major difference. Bass Islands ice fishing, for
                                                                                                                       example, is mostly within a locked in area
                                                                                  Lake  Erie  is  one  of  the  country’s  finest   surrounded by South and Middle Bass and
                                                                                  fishing holes, and all spring, summer, and   Rattlesnake Island. Ice usually comes to this
                                                                                  fall boaters from all over the state (and else-  area first and stays latest, often long after ice
                                                                                  where) head for the big lake to sample action   along the mainland has disappeared. Some   7     [     MID-AMERICA BOATING     ]     JANUARY/FEBRUAR 2022
                                                                                  for walleye, smallmouths, perch and other   years the mainland has good thick ice too,
                                                                                  species. But fishing can be very good in the   and there are lots of places to try your luck.
                                                                                  winter too, and it’s a different world up there   If not, some hardy boaters will fish all winter
                                                                                  then, windswept and often bitter cold, but on   by trolling, even in January and February, and
                                                                                  a good day, very productive.         often make limit catches then.”
                                                                                   Still, ice fishing on Erie can be a fairly major   Wherever anglers fish along Lake Erie,
                                                                                  production, requiring plenty of equipment,   particularly  in  the  fertile  Western  Basin,
                                                                                  time, and expenses well above sitting along   they’re going to have a number of choices for
                                                                                  the Huron Pier, so the question is - how well   the days action. Unquestionably, the least
                                                                                  are you likely to do, and for that matter, how   expensive tactic is to go out with friends
                                                                                  has ice fishing been over the past five years?   or alone, bore a couple of holes, and start
                                                                                  The answer is good or not so good, depending   dunking emerald shiners. Each winter, fair
                                                                                  on the year and whether safe ice is waiting.  numbers fish just off old Sandusky Bay Bridge,
                                                                                   For walleye fishing the answer will be   White’s Landing, downtown Sandusky, or in
                                                                                  mostly good since there have been record   various marinas where they can gain permis-
                                                                                  or near record hatches in recent years, which   sion, to take perch, white bass, crappie, and
                                                                                  means there will be literally millions of fish   other species.
                                                                                  swimming under the ice there this winter. If   Others hire a mainland guide by Googling
                                                                                  there’s any bad news, it’s that a great many   up information on Lake Erie ice fishing
                                                                                  will be small, often just above or below 15   guides, and have themselves taken out to
                                                                                  inches. But there’ll be plenty of four pound-  ice shanties or to bucket fish for perch and
                                                                                  ers too, and a goodly mix of fish reaching six,   walleye. Many of the  guides concentrate
                                                                                  eight,  even  ten  pounds  or  more.  Which  can   their activities off Catawba Island State Park,
                                                                                  make a visit there lively, to say the least!  Port Clinton or parts west. With or without a
                                                                                   Do remember that ice conditions made a             See Ice Fishing on page 8
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