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and the environment. Sound familiar?   from Germany, a leader in turbines.
                                                                                   Federal, state and local Rhode Island politi-  For German households, the average cost of
                                                                                  cians jumped on the bandwagon trumpeting  electricity has doubled since 2000. By 2019,
     ]     10                   The case against                                  the arrival of “clean, affordable electricity.”  households had to pay 34 U.S. cents per kilo-
                                                                                                                       watt-hour, compared to just 13 cents here in
                                                                                  Sound familiar? Here’s the truth: Block
                                turbines keeps                                    Islanders have seen none of these or any other  the U.S. Clearly Icebreaker’s claims of lower
                                                                                                                       costs and more employment were just decep-
                                                                                  benefits promised! What they do see is a clut-
     JULY 2021     [     MID-AMERICA BOATING
                                                                                  tered industrialized offshore view; the claim of  tive hyperbole.
                                building                                          300 new jobs is really just eight today… and  Icebreaker produced only a low-level “environ-
                                                                                                                         When it comes to the environment,
                                                                                  the hits keep coming!
                                                                                   New dangers to communities living near  mental assessment” written by a consultant
                                                                                  turbines are coming to light. For example,  paid by the developers to justify their project.
                                                                                  Infra and Low Frequency Noise (ILFN) prob-  However, a full “Environmental Impact
                                                                                  lems are now documented in Finland and  Statement” should have been federally
                                                                                  extend out 20 miles from the turbines.  ordered. The real head-scratcher is why Ohio
                                                                                  Icebreaker will be just 6-8 miles off  agencies responsible for protecting our natu-
                                                                                  Cleveland’s lakefront. Moreover, ILFN can go  ral resources never demanded one!
                                                                                  through cement walls, and travels far before  The time has come for Ohioans to follow the
                                                                                  attenuating. It’s a sub-acoustic "noise" that  lead of Ontario, Canada, and New York State.
                                                                                  impact sleep, heart function and is now con-  Recognizing both the environmental damages
                                                                                  firmed to lead to cancer. Animal deaths,  and poor economics, Ontario declared a mora-
                                                                                  domestic and wild, are reportedly pervasive,  torium on all turbines. Meanwhile, there’s a
                                                                                  an environmental carnage too large to count.  huge outpouring of support for New York
                                                                                   In addition, there’s evidence the underwa-  Senator George Borrello’s legislation calling
                                                                                  ter cables from the turbines to shore likely  for a full moratorium on turbines in all of his
      By Norm Schultz                                                             beam ILFN problems, too. At Block Island,  State’s waters. It’s time for lawmakers in Ohio
                                                                                  those cables have actually lifted up after  and other Great Lakes to wake up.
        The ugly truth about how misleading advocates for wind turbines in Lake Erie have been con-  being buried. The cables from Icebreaker’s  More specifically, since Ohio’s agencies
      tinues to pour out. It’s now time for Ohio’s lawmakers, the Department of Natural Resources’  turbines to shore will be at least 5 times  have thus far failed to meet their mandated
      Coastal Management, and other relevant agencies to act responsibly and demand the Ohio  longer. Moreover, Lake Erie is the source of  responsibilities to safely hold the waters of
      Power Siting Board reverse its recent approval.                             drinking water for millions of people and all  Lake Erie in the public trust, there must be a
        Today, the developer’s claims that Icebreaker Wind will be good for the economy and the envi-  these installations will uncover nearly 100  call on the Ohio General Assembly to legis-
      ronment has less to justify its existence than the crank telephone! In addition, it has just been  years of contaminated dredged materials on  late a needed moratorium. In addition, the
      revealed in a case before the Ohio Supreme Court that the project has been transferred to the  the lake’s bottom.   Ohio Supreme Court should recognize the
      Cleveland Port Authority, leading to speculation that those originally heading the Lake Erie  Add that we do not know about the costs of  “Great Icebreaker Deception” and rule favor-
      Energy Development Co. banked big salaries and abandoned ship.              the inevitable maintenance, the likely dump-  ably on the current case brought by some cit-
        We can now learn from the only existing offshore turbine installation in the U.S., the Block  ing of lubricants into the lake and the costs of  izens in Bratenahl. MAB
      Island Wind Farm off Rhode Island. These five turbines began spinning in December 2016. At the  eventual decommissioning. But one thing is
      outset, the developers proclaimed the Block Islanders would see reductions in their electricity  predictable – electric customers will take the  Norm Schultz is President Emeritus of the Lake Erie
      bills of up to 40 percent; the turbines would be hardly noticeable, and they’d be good for jobs  hit! How big is also unknown but we get a clue  Marine Trades Association.
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