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hungry fish sooner or later.          get a spot on the front or either side of the
        For those who want to cast, weight for-  stern.  Then cast at an angle to the drift so                            WE MAKE YOUR
      ward spinners are still the lure de jour, and  that when you retrieve, the lure comes back
      many have a box filled with Erie Dearies,  in a curve, rather than straight.  For some                              SERVICE AND                       13
      though Sure Shads and Crooked Eyes    reason, walleye love a curving bait and
      among others work, too.  Colors vary just as  those in such locations usually do better                             STORAGE NEEDS
      they do with spoons, but often in summer  than those casting along the side.  They call                             CONVENIENT &
      gold can be a steady producer and char-  it "fishing the swing."  And while the fish
      treuse or red and silver are other good  move here and there, traditional good spots                                AFFORDABLE
      choices.  If they're being picky, try a worm  are Niagara and Gull Reefs, West Reef,
      harness fished deep.                  Rattlesnake Island, and Green Island.                                                                           [     MID-AMERICA BOATING
        One of my own favorite tactics is to add a  Finally, don't forget that fishing at night
      one ounce weight about a foot in front of my  sometimes produces the best walleye fish-
      spinner, cast out and let the rig sink clear to  ing of all.  Walleye are technically night
      bottom before picking it up for a retrieve  feeders anyway, which is why they have
      just fast enough to keep the spinner blades  those milky opal eyes that can see bait in
      turning.  The extra weight holds the spinner  almost total darkness.  They'll often move in
      in the fish zone for longer than one without,  very near shore once the sun goes down
      and I suspect that the hungriest walleyes  seeking schools of shad and emerald shin-
      (and largest) often hold very near the mud.  ers, and they're in hunting mode, moving
      On many a cast I've had a fish on before I  and restless.                                                                                             ]     JULY 2021
      made more than half a dozen turns of the  Three summers ago two friends and I
      reel handle, and my biggest last year, a 27  launched in the Huron River just before dark
      incher, hit the second I picked it up.   and moved down to Ruggles Beach where    We are your
        Another useful technique if there's  we set up rods and trolled parallel to the
      enough wind for a good drift, is to fish with  shore about a mile out.  As usual, we trolled
      two rods, casting one and letting the second  various depths, but caught nothing until full  FULL SERVICE
      hang straight down in a rod holder.  The sec-  dark when we picked up a dandy right off the
      ond rod will have something that has wild  Huron Pier.  They were holding about a half  MARINE SHIPYARD
      action at slow speeds like a Lazy Ike of  mile out and it was spooky with little light
      Flatfish with a bit of nightcrawler attached  except from shoreline houses and a shield-
      to the hooks.  Often enough that rod will  ed lantern, but  action was steady and we
      produce one or two with almost no effort on  quit at 2 a.m. with one fish short of a triple
      my part.                              limit.  If daylight fishing turns slow, night  WE ARE KNOWN FOR   • Engine, driveline & stern drive repair
        At any time, whether you're fishing on a  trolling and casting is a worthwhile option  OUR EXPERT WORK  • Full, minor to major fiberglass repair
      six pack, head boat, or private craft, try to  that migt save your trip. MAB                           • Complete gelcoat & paint services
                                                                                      – offering the area’s
                                                                                                             • Headliners, wall liners, upholstery
                                                                                         very best marine      & full carpeting repair or installation
      E-Zorb and Diesel Water Zorb                                                      services & over 40   • All winterization needs
                                                                                      years of experience    • Mobile dockside services
      make fuel tank water disappear                                                                         • Plus – heated or cold inside storage

        Summer boat maintenance brings on a
      whole new set of challenges for owners.
      Amongst all the leaves and debris needing to
      be pulled out from under your shrinkwrap or
      tarp boaters have to deal with engine prob-
      lems that have crept in while boats hibernat-
      ed for the winter. A significant issue cus-
      tomers go through each year is water in their
      fuel tank. Water does not compress, so it can
      damage an engine mechanically. There are
      many ways for water to get into the fuel tank
      and the market is limited when it comes to
      products that provide a solution. This was
      the driving force behind the creation of
      Marine Development & Research’s Water                                             Featuring
      Zorb line of products.
         Depending upon whether a boat is pow-                                          30&70 TON HOISTS
      ered by E-10 gasoline or diesel, these prod-
      ucts will absorb the water in your fuel tank so
      it can be easily removed. MDR is introducing
      their E-Zorb for Ethanol Gas or Diesel Water
      Zorb to their product line. The E-Zorb for
      Ethanol removes water, restores octane, and                                                             9454 Park Row
      reverses phase-separation out of ethanol gas.
      The Diesel Water Zorb will absorb its weight                                                            Lakeside-Marblehead
      of water and burn through with diesel fuel.
         E-Zorb products will completely emulsify  The E-Zorb for Ethanol Gas and the                         Ohio 43440
      their volume of water/ethanol back into a gas,  Diesel Water Zorb provide a solution for        Find us...
      allowing it to pass the finest filters and burn  boaters looking to remove water from their  From Rt. 2, take Rt. 163-E   419 798-2628 Office
      through safely.                       fuel tank and eliminate the hassle and cost    Turn left on N. Shore Blvd.
        Water in a diesel fuel tank can sabotage  of draining the whole tank. These two  Turn left on N. Erie Beach Rd.   419 798-4700 Fax
      function if not removed. Microbes thrive in  options make it possible no matter what  At the next stop sign, turn left and
      water, even in small amounts, and can pro-  type of fuel the motor uses, getting you back  follow the sign to the marina
      mote rust, corrosion, sludge that can clog  on the water with a smooth running engine
      injectors and filters and cause the engine to  for the boating season.
      shut down. The Diesel Water Zorb will com-  For more information and a list of retailers
      pletely emulsify its volume of water even for  who sell the full line of MDR products, go to  WHERE ‘DETAILS’ MAKE THE DIFFERENCE ON THE WATER
      larger water accumulations.  MAB
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