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2022 Stingray             21
                                                                                                                         269DC Family & Fish
              2021 Stingray 172SC w/Suzuki 90                                                                              w/Twin Suzuki 150s               [     MID-AMERICA BOATING

                        starting from $27,995                                                                              starting from $149,995

             2021 Stingray 182SC w/Suzuki 115                                                         2021 Stingray 216CC w/Suzuki 175                      ]     JULY 2021

                        starting from $32,995                                                                     starting at $63,995

                                             (888) 882-9629

                 Boating Association of Ohio Has Your Stern.

                 Legislative                   Public Safety                       Environmental

                 The BAO is the advocate of recreational boaters and the boating industry in Ohio.

                 Our mission is to promote and protect boating in the buckeye state for the half-million Ohio boat owners, the
                 thousands of Ohioans who earn a living through the boating industry, and the numerous visitors drawn to Ohio for
                 water recreation.

                 From Lake Erie in the north to the mighty Ohio River in the south, the BAO is making waves to promote and protect
                 boating in the state!

                     Join us!
                     Support the BAO and our initiatives.
                     Go to and become a member today!

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