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]     6 It’s Dock Hunting Season!…

                         Find the perfect summer home for your boat.

     JULY 2021     [     MID-AMERICA BOATING

          ASHTABULA                                  LORAIN                            VERMILION                                 HURON

        Fishing for the PERFECT HOME PORT?                                           MAPLE GROVE                               SAWMILL
                BROCKWAY’S                              LHBC
                                                   Lorain Harbor Boat Club
        NORTH COAST                               Direct Lake Access                       MARINA                                 CREEK
              MARINA                                Floating Docks to 35’            Dockage For Boats to 30 ft.                MARINA
                                                                                         Pool, Power/Water,
                                                Clubhouse w/Bar & Showers
         Dockage includes water, electric,    Free WiFi • Fuel Dock & Pump Out                 Showers                   Dockage Starting at $1,750
         wireless internet, dockside parking,  Covered Patio w/Gas Grills & Tables          Large Pavilion,                  • Electric and Water Included
             clubhouse, pool, hot tubs,         On-Site Lift & Winter Storage             Dockside Parking.                • 2 Platinum Season Passes good
         children's play area, laundry area,   Secure Marina w/Close parking             Monthly Functions:                     at all Cedar Fair Parks
           shower facilities, ice vending,                                                                                    • Restrooms and Showers
        covered picnic pavilion w/gas grills,  Adult & Junior Boating Programs             Island Runs, etc.               • Fuel docks with pump out station
                                                 Call Now; Space is Limited
         security gate, Indian Trails Park in                                              10% OFF for                    • Dock holder discounts in park & golf
                walking distance                       See More at                 FIRST TIME DOCKERS!                     • Free Day Dockage at Cedar Point

           440-998-6272                                        440-967-4525                          419-627-2334                     440-288-0500              

            SANDUSKY                             SANDUSKY                              SANDUSKY                              SANDUSKY

         CEDAR POINT                             CASTAWAY                          OASIS MARINAS                             SANDUSKY

              MARINA                           BAY MARINA                           at BATTERY PARK                             HARBOR

        • Electric, Water, Dock box & Cable TV  Dockage Starting at $1,450            Downtown Sandusky                      NEW CUSTOMER
           • 2 Platinum Season Passes good
                                              • Electric, Water, Dock box & Cable TV  650 Slips • Gas & Diesel Fuel
               at all Cedar Fair Parks                                                                                     DOCKAGE SPECIALS:
                                                • 2 Platinum Season Passes good           Free Pumpout with
                • Pool with Hot Tub
                                                    at all Cedar Fair Parks             gas or diesel purchase              FOR A LIMITED TIME!
                  • Gated Docks
                                              • Pool with Hot Tub & Kid’s splash pad    Heated Swimming Pool
             • Restrooms and Showers                                                                                        $1100 for 30’ Dock
                                                       • Gated Docks
          • Fuel docks with pump out stations      • Restrooms and Showers             Boat Sales & Brokerage               $1500 for 35’ Dock
           • Dock holder discounts in park                                             • Follow us on Facebook •
                 • 24 hour security            • Fuel docks with pump out station                                          Dockage 25’–55’ Available
          • Pedestrian access to Cedar Point     • Dock holder discounts in park
                                               • Free day dockage at Cedar Point                                           Full Service • Heated Storage
          419-627-2334                          419-627-2334
                              419-625-6142                          419-627-1201

        MARBLEHEAD                                 CATAWBA                         PORT CLINTON

            BAY POINT                              CATAWBA                             LAKEFRONT

               RESORT                               LANDING                               MARINA                              Reserve
            & MARINA                               On Beautiful West Harbor              NEW DOCKS Up to 60’                   now…

                                                                                        Reciprocating Dockage
              Direct Access to                     For One Year,                     with Sandusky Harbor Marina
        Lake Erie and Sandusky Bay              10% Off Published                         Direct Lake Access
           • 20’ to 50’ Floating Docks         Price on Any Dock                       Only minutes to the Islands            Dock it.
          • Gas Dock & Market Store               (excluding 50 ft. docks)           Drive-up Docks, Finger Docks
            • Restaurant & Tiki Bar                                                   FULL SERVICE DEPARTMENT
                • Entertainment                        Discount On:                            STORAGE                       Enjoy it!
               • Sandy Beaches                     Gasoline • Pump-Outs                Inside Heated, Inside Cold
                                                                                         Outside, Rack Storage        

          419-798-4434                           419-797-6000                         419-734-5576
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