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pers and shoreline residents and visitors.  Further, it’s notable with so many unan-
                                                                                   “We have the same valid concerns here
     ]     10                                                                     for Lake Erie,” says Ken Alvey, retired for-  swered questions, the Province of Ontario
                                                                                                                       (Canada) issued a moratorium against any
                                                                                  mer  chief  of  the  Ohio  Division  of
                                                                                                                       turbine construction in Lake Erie nearly a
                                                                                  Watercraft and a director of the Lake Erie  decade  ago,  finding  such  plans  environ-
                                                                                  Foundation.  “This  would  be  the  first  tur-  mentally  unacceptable  and  economically
     JUNE 2021     [     MID-AMERICA BOATING
                                                                                  bine development in fresh water. Our lake  undesirable for rate payers.
                                                                                  is the drinking water supply for 12 million  Third, cheers are going up for the discov-
                                                                                  people,  has  the  biggest  commercial  and  ery  that  the  claim  by  developers  behind
                                                                                  recreational  fisheries  in  all  the  Great  the Lake Erie project have been misleading
                                                                                  Lakes, and is a huge part of our state’s suc-  the public. They have contended that their
                                                                                  cessful tourism draw.                turbines will be 8 miles NW of Cleveland
                                                                                   “Incredibly,” Alvey continued, “the prop-  (actually  6  miles  off  shore)  and  will  be
                                                                                  er  authorities  haven’t  even  ordered  a  full  hardly noticeable. Dead wrong!
                                                                                  Environmental  Impact  Statement  to  be  The  US  Bureau  of  Ocean  Energy
                                                                                  undertaken, as prescribed in federal law, to  Management  back  in  2018  recommended
                                                                                  determine  the  true  long-term  impact  of  wind turbines be no closer than 20 miles
            Strong winds are                                                      turbines in Lake Erie. It’s long overdue.”  from shore. Moreover, the 20-mile recom-
                                                                                                                       mendation  was  based  on  an  assessment
                                                                                   Second, cheers are up for New York State
                                                                                  Senator  George  Borrello  (R-57)  and  his  that  600-foot-high  turbines  produced  a
            blowing against Lake Erie                                             introduction  of  bill  S6314  to  amend  the  “dominate  impact  “on  the  beach  view  15
                                                                                  state’s environmental conservation law.   miles offshore. Now, adjusting for possible
                                                                                   If passed, this bill would create a mora-
            wind turbines                                                         torium on the building or placing any per-  newer  taller  turbines,  the  suggested  dis-
                                                                                                                       tance from shore should be 30 miles.
                                                                                  manent or semi-permanent wind turbines  Let’s face it, ongoing concerns regarding
                                                                                  on bodies of freshwater in New York State  commercial  fishing,  noise  impact,  the
                                                                                  or  any  freshwater  within  the  jurisdiction  inadvertent killing of birds and bats, harm-
                                                                                  and control of the state, and that includes  ful  effects  on  scenic  views,  potential
      By Norm Schultz                       cancellation of two offshore wind develop-  Lake Erie.                     decreases  to  property  values,  the  loss  of
                                            ment zones located off Long Island in New  “A moratorium is what needs to happen  property tax revenue, as well as the ques-
          The plan to start industrializing Lake  York  brings  new  light  to  the  issue.  in  all  the  Great  Lakes  states,”  says  Nicki  tionable  benefit  in  increased  energy  pro-
      Erie  with  wind  turbines  off  Cleveland’s  Specifically,  the  Bureau  of  Ocean  Energy  Polan,  executive  director  of  the  Michigan  duction  when  fully  considered  with  these
      shoreline  keeps  running  into  increasing  Management announced placing wind tur-  Boating Industries Association. “Without a  unanswered  questions  and  concerns,
      headwinds  and  boating  organizations,  bines  there  would  raise  problems  with  full  Environmental  Impact  Statement,  we  explains  why  much  more  information  is
      environmental  groups,  property  owners  marine life feeding areas, maritime traffic,  are opposed to blindly jeopardizing 20 per-  needed. MAB
      and  many  others  are  loudly  cheering  the  and  concerns  over  visibility  from  South  cent  of  the  world’s  fresh  water,  our  fish-
      latest revelations.                   Shore  beaches.  In  other  words,  turbines  eries and wildlife, our recreational boating  Norm  Schultz  is  President  Emeritus  of  the
        First,  the  Biden  administration’s  recent  would  negatively  impact  fishermen,  ship-  and so much more,” she says.  Lake Erie Marine Trades Association
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