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there?  I don't know, but they were and if we
                                                                                  hadn't  struck  out  looking  for  new  territory,
                                                                                  we'd never have found them.                                               5
                                                                                   One more example? A few years ago I spent
                                                                                  a  morning  fishing  off  Ruggles  Beach  east  of
                                                                                  Huron. We joined a pack of boats about two
                                                                                  miles  out.  Fishing  was  slow  and  nets  were
                                                                                  flashing only rarely, so we tried the same trick
                                                                                  I'd learned off North Bass – moving in and let-
                                                                                  ting a south wind push us slowly into deeper   [     MID-AMERICA BOATING
                                                                                  water  while  nightcrawlers  bumped  the  bot-  PH 216.371.5750
                                                                                  tom. We caught nothing close in, then hit a    720 Radford Drive
                                                                                  cluster  of  fish,  then  nothing  again,  then  Richmond Hts., OH 44143
                                                                                  another flurry of action.                         Published by
                                                                                   We  turned  back  in,  found  nothing  again,  Recreation Press, Inc.
                                                                                  then some good walleye and smallmouh, then      Editorial Manager
                                                                                  nothing, and then another catch of fish. I found  D. G. Meeker
                                                                                  out later that there were two very small reefs
                                                                                  there about 100 yards apart, and the fish were  Advertising Sales
      and had a great time sorting out a limit of  seven or eight, but when we hit nine feet, fish  stacked up on those reefs. No one was fishing  Frank Kern
      just  the  right  sized  keepers.  The  next  week  started finding our crawlers.   them, the bass and walleye were undisturbed,  Design / Production  ]     JUNE 2021
      he  returned  to  the  cove  and  repeated  his  There was no one else fishing within a half  and we filled our tickets with little effort.  Recreation Press, Inc.
      success,  and  the  next  week,  too.  Then  he  mile  or  more.  We  repeated  the  drift  again  It's a simple formula that might change your  Contributing Writers
      made  the  mistake  of  telling  some  friends  and  again,  finding  walleye,  smallmouth,  an  luck. If trolling works, do it. If casting works, do  Capt. Fred Davis
      about his secret hotspot, and they told their  occasional  channel  cat,  sheepshead,  and  a  that. If nothing works, leave the crowd and go  David G. Epstein
      friends who told even more friends.   few big perch, always at that same depth and  elsewhere. Sometimes, that makes all the dif-  Richard Martin
        The next time he visited the cove, there was  in the same area. Why were they stacked up  ference. MAB                    Norman Schultz
      nothing much there. "I won't make that mis-
      take again," he declared.                                                                                           MID-AMERICA BOATING is published eight (8) times yearly
                                                                                                                          by Recreation Press, Inc., 720 Radford Drive, Richmond Hts.,
        I ran into the same situation on a trip to
                                                                                                                          OH 44143. Articles and photographs are welcome, though
      territory north of North Bass Island. We spent                                                                       we cannot assume responsibility for unsolicited materials
      some hours casting Erie Dearies with a pack                                                                           and we cannot guarantee their publication or return.
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      of  other  boats  that  yielded  just  one  single
                                                                                                                            at our web site, or call during normal business hours.
      walleye.  Then  my  partner  said,  "The  wind's                                                                      ADDRESS CHANGE: Notify us by including the mailing
      right for drifting, so let’s run into five or six                                                                     address label from your most recent copy along with
                                                                                                                                    your new address.
      feet of water near shore and drift out. We'll
                                                                                                                           MID-AMERICA BOATING is a member of Lake Erie Marine
      use  nightcrawlers  behind  a  slip  sinker  and                                                                    Trades Ass’n. and is the of cial paper of Inter-Lake Yachting
      see what we catch." So, we did.                                                                                         Ass’n and Greater Cleveland Boating Ass’n.
        Five  or  six  feet  yielded  nothing,  nor  did
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