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Trail(er)ing Thoughts

     ]     8                                                                      begin making phone calls now.        Your planning ahead
                                                                                   During our busiest time of year, as a cus-
                                                                                                                       helps companies, like
                                                                                  tom trailer manufacturer, pre-COVID, our  ours, really forecast
                                                                                  lead time was 6-8 weeks. Currently we are  what supplies we
                                                                                  running 18-20 weeks. Along with constant  need and allows
                                                                                  price increases coming in daily from our dif-  us  time  to
                                                                                  ferent suppliers, come long wait times and  receive  the
                                                                                  numerous back orders. Attempting to “plan”  necessary
                                                                                  our production schedule is comical.  goods    to
                                                                                  Something is always changing: whether it is  build you exactly what you want.
                                                                                  lead times from suppliers, discontinued  Life is worth living, and it’s worth living
                                                                                  parts, indefinite back orders, or         well! We all want to have fun and be
                                                                                  staffing issues the old days of              healthy, and we all want to fully
                                                                                  “building them in the order we                enjoy the fun that our summers
                                                                                  receive them” is over. Now, we                  allow. A little planning in the
                                                                                  build trailers based on which                   “off-season” can reduce a ton
                                                                                  order we have all the neces-                     of unnecessary stress as
                                                                                  sary components for.                             Spring rolls around. The hard-
                                                                                    The moral to the story is to                  ships in owning and running a
                                                                                        be proactive and                          business right now are stag-
                                                                                           think     ahead!                      gering. Without our customers’
                                                                                             Obviously,  this                   patience and kindness, we would
                                                                                               does not just apply            be dead in the water. Until some-
                                                                                                to the boating and       thing is done to help rectify the chal-
      By Megan Meisler                      services so you really                              marine world. You must  lenges we are all facing, everyone is going to
      Co-Owner of Loadmaster Trailer Co. Ltd.  must plan ahead!                                 think in terms of any  be forced to plan ahead and make the best
                                              Everything is uncertain                            automobile purchases  of what they can. There is no better time
        This world we currently live in is chaotic.  but one thing you can do                    you need to make, elec-  than now to set your goals, evaluate your
      The supply chain for most industries is  in order to reduce your                          tronics, appliances, home  needs  and
      behind and struggling to keep up. Our work-  stress is to plan ahead:                     repairs, etc…. the list  proactively start
      force is limited and businesses are compet-  what items are you going                    goes   on   and    on.  making calls to
      ing for those individuals whom are wanting  to need for Spring? That’s                  Businesses are struggling:  ensure you are
      to work. Prices are increasing, demand is  what you should be thinking                we need your support, we need  not  without
      increases but supply remains limited. It’s a  about. Do you need new outdrives     your patience, we need your busi-  when the Spring
      juggling act for most businesses right now,  for your boat? Do you need a new boat  ness and most of all, what we really  season blooms.
      and one that is not fun to be a part of. The  trailer? Do you need to set up canvas repair  really need is time to get you the product  MAB
      lead times are crazy long for most goods and  work or detailing? Start your checklist and  you deserve at the best quality possible.
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