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Boating’s season opener is                                                                                                                           3     [     MID-AMERICA BOATING     ]     MAY 2023

      the biggest ever Catawba show

      The Catawba Island Club’s marina will

      literally be up to its gunnels when this year’s
      record-size Progressive Catawba Island Boat

      Show docks up for three days, April 28–30.

      According to Michelle Burke, show manager and president of the Lake Erie Marine
      Trades Association: “We’re packing boats into every available dock space and, for the
      first time ever, we’re using all the available land surrounding the marina basin for nearly
      100 accessory displays.”
            ow in its 18th year, this event has become the largest spring in-water show anywhere on
            the Great Lakes. It features power and sailboats ranging from paddleboards to motor
      Nyachts. Many of the largest boats aren’t available for the traditional winter shows so
      they’re getting premiere showings here. And, it’s considered a buyer’s market offering a last
      chance to get winter sales incentives and promotional packages from manufacturers.
        But what began for area dealers as a small spring boat sales event has become a big festi-
      val in which boaters come from a wide area to literally celebrate the start of Ohio’s boating

                                                                                  season. “The timing, the unique location and
                                                                                  the features we’ve now added to the overall
                                                                                  event are what reflects the magic of our Ohio
                                                                                  boating lifestyle,” preaches Burke.
                                                                                      esides the fleet and the record acces-
                                                                                      sory exhibits that include about every-
                                                                                 Bthing from marine gear to fashion wear,
                                                                                  Burke has packed the show schedule with
                                                                                  daily special events. Among others, these
                                                                                  include: Seminars on boating; Live musical
                                                                                  performances by artists and groups bringing
                                                                                  in popular Lake Erie Islands music; an area
                                                                                  for kids; a variety of popular food trucks;
                                                                                  special local wine tasting events; samplings
                                                                                  of local craft beers; to name a few.
                                                                                   This show also boasts a unique focus on
                                                                                  sailing with a special emphasis on newcomers desiring to really find out if sailing is right for
                                                                                  them. Called the “Discover Sailing Center,” sailboats manned by licensed captains actually can
                                                                                  take prospective sailors out on the lake. There the would-be sailors will raise sails and take the
                                                                                  helm for a real taste of running before the wind.
                                                                                   But fun and entertainment aside, the stars of the show remain the wide variety of boats that
                                                                                  will be dockside and ready for boarding – and even available for sea trials where applicable. For
                                                                                  example, the largest fleet of fishing machines in the show’s history will be displayed, from hot
                                                                                  new angling-rigged kayaks to triple-engine center consoles, all ready to chase walleye, perch
                                                                                  and smallmouth, or on inland lakes for largemouth, muskies or bluegills.
                                                                                   The Catawba Island Club is located on the northwest side of the Catawba peninsula, off
                                                                                  Northwest Catawba Road in Port Clinton. All show parking areas are marked and show shuttles
                                                                                  are free, courtesy of the Firelands Auto Group.
                                                                                   Show days and hours are: Friday (April 28), 12 noon to 6 pm; Saturday (April 29), 10 am
                                                                                  to 6 pm; and Sunday (April 30), 10 am to 5 pm. General admission is $10 (under age 7 free);
                                                                                  $8 advance discount admission tickets are available only online.
                                                                                   For all show updates, go to: MAB
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