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Sell Your Boat

Advertise your boat where you will be seen by Active Boaters!

Sell Your Boat!

Submit your classified ad to appear on the Boats For Sale page of this site, as well as the printed Mid-America Boating newspaper. Optional photo will appear in the printed newspaper only. The deadline for ad submission is the 5th of the month prior to the issue you want the ad to appear in (i.e. June 5th for the July issue). Ads will be posted online within 10 days of submission.

1-Month Classified
30 Words (or less) $15/month
30 Words (or less) with Photo (appears in newspaper only) $35
Additional Words .50 each
3-Month Special Offer*
30 Word Limit $30
30 Word Limit with Photo (appears in newspaper only) $90
*This offer is subject to change and is non-refundable.
Submission Instructions
Classified without photo: Complete and submit the online form below. You will be billed at the address you provide.
Classified with photo: Complete and print the form below. Mail with photo and payment to: Mid-America Boating, 720 Radford Dr., Richmond Hts., OH 44143.


State: Zip:
Ad Duration: One Month 2 Months 3-Month Special
Boat Make/Model:
Year: Size: Price:
Contact Name:
Contact Phone:
Enter ad copy below:
Mid-America Boating reserves the right to edit the text copy for spelling errors, length, etc.

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