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Mid-America Boating: the premier resource for North Coast boaters.
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  • Why advertise in Mid-America Boating?
    • Mid-America Boating is a viable medium to reach over 52,000 boating enthusiasts in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, New York, and Pennsylvania.
    • Mid-America Boating is second to none when it comes to zeroing in on news and information that boaters want to read.
    • Mid-America Boating sells your product or services. If it has to do with boating, we have a proven track record. Ask our advertisers. Many have been using Mid-America Boating as their primary source for reaching the boating market since 1972.

  • Why have we been so successful?
    • Mid-America Boating is the official paper of the I-LYA (Inter-Lake Yachting Association) with 146 member clubs totaling over 45,000 individual boaters.
    • Mid-America Boating is distributed free at over 470 outlets where boaters congregate. Distribution locations include: boat clubs, marinas, marine stores, boat dealers, restaurants, plus direct mail subscribers.
    • Mid-America Boating is the official program for two of the country's largest consumer boat shows -- the Mid-America Boat Show at the I-X Center every January in Cleveland, and the Cedar Point In-Water Boat Show staged at beautiful Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. These two shows have a combined attendance of over 80,000.

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(Effective 1/1/15 -- Subject to change without notice - Contact us for verified rates)
4x Contract
(W x D)
Full Page $900 $840 $770 +$300 10.25" X 12.5"
Half Page (horiz.) $465 $430 $400 +$150 10.25" X 6.2"
Half Page (vert.) $465 $430 $400 +$150 5.03" X 12.5"
Quarter Page $245 $230 $210 +$75 5" X 6.2"
Eighth Page (horiz.) $130 $120 $110 +$50 5.03" X 3.063"
Eighth Page (vert.) $130 $120 $110 +$50 2.421" X 6.2"
Sixteenth Page $75 $70 $65 +$50 2.421" X 3.063"

Mid-America Boating is published eight times per year. Rates effective 9/1/19, subject to change without notice

*Note: These rates DO NOT apply to the Official Boat Show Program Issues of Mid-America Boating. Rate cards for these issues are sent out to all advertisers and exhibitors prior to each show, or upon request..

  • A miminum of 200 DPI at final print size for all electronic files
  • Preferred file type: Adobe Acrobat PDF prepared using standard Press Optimized or PDFX1a settings
  • Mid-America Boating cannot be responsible for reproduction quality when camera-ready artwork is provided in any form other than as a properly prepared Adobe PDF.
  • Please contact Mid-America Boating to confirm computer platform and/or software compatibility, graphics, fonts and support issues before submitting files.
  • Standardized PDF Distiller settings and a copy of how to properly prepare and submit files can be supplied upon request.
  • Files should be prepared as Gray Scale or CMYK, depending upon contracted ad type
  • Compatibility: Acrobat 4.0 (PDF 1.3) with all fonts embedded
  • All type/fonts, photos, and graphics must be converted to Gray Scale or CMYK format (no RGB or SPOT colors)
  • All files should be submitted at exact ad trim size, (i.e. no extra white space, margins, slugs, etc , outside the live matter area)
  • Alternatively, ads may be submitted to size as 200 DPI (minimum) JPG, TIF or EPS files with all fonts converted to paths No native application files (Quark, Indesign, Word, Publisher, etc. ) are accepted
  • It is the responsibility of the advertiser to supply professionally prepared, properly specified PDFs for final production. Incorrectly prepared files may be returned to the advertiser/preparer to be corrected and resubmitted. Mid-America Boating cannot be held liable for improperly prepared ad files submitted by an advertiser or their agents

Issue Deadline For Materials Distribution Date
January/February 2020
Official Program for the Progressive Mid-America Boat Show at the Cleveland Int’l Exhibition (I-X) Center
December 2, 2019 December 27, 2019
March 2020 February 5 February 12
April 2020 March 4 March 11
May 2020 April 8 April 15
June 2020 May 6 May 13
July 2020 June 10 June 17
August 2020
Official Program for the Progressive North American Sail & Power Boat Show at Cedar Point
July 22 July 29
September/October 2020 August 14 August 20
January/February 2021
Official Program for the Progressive Mid-America Boat Show at the Cleveland Int’l Exhibition (I-X) Center
December 2, 2020 December 29, 2020

Please contact us for specific information about advertising material submission, printing,
reproduction quality, 4-color process, spot color, ad proofs, or terms and conditions.
*A Note About Ad Proofs: All necessary ad materials MUST BE RECEIVED IN OUR OFFICE BY THE PUBLISHED DEADLINE, (sorry, no exceptions) in order to receive an ad proof. An ad proof is provided as a courtesy to check the material provided by the advertiser for spelling errors, prices, etc. - not for making changes to different words, phrases, prices, etc, not supplied in the original materials. Any corrections to proofs must be made after receipt of first proof. Any additional typographic or design changes made after the first proof may incur an additional charge and will be billed as “Author’s Changes”. We cannot be responsible for errors or omissions if the job is printed as per your OK.

Distribution Area

Distribution Area
Mid-America Boating is distributed to 46 states
and Canada, although 85% of distribution is
along the south shore of Lake Erie including
Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania and
western New York.
Phone 216-371-5750
Email frank@midamericaboating.com
Address Mid-America Boating
720 Radford Dr.
Richmond Hts., OH 44143

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